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Build confidence in your students:
Boost performance in 
English & Maths

Improve comprehension, develop problem-solving skills and cultivate a passion for learning through our collection of high-quality stories, videos, activities and more! 

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Designed by

IIT & Harvard alumni

Spark a love for English

  • Read-along books with narration to improve listening and speaking skills

  • Highlighted keywords to enhance learning outcomes

  • Fun activities to reinforce concepts

Make Maths Meaningful

  • Bite-sized videos to simplify concepts

  • Interactive games to make learning fun

  • Quizzes to assess competencies

Why should you choose Ace Learners? 

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Story-based pedagogy

Through engaging narratives and relatable characters, our literacy program relies on hundreds of stories that build foundational reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

A child reading a book. A circle around the child with arrow pointing towards her

Child centered

Our content is designed to appeal to multiple learning styles, such as auditory learners or visual learners

Puzzle pieces

Activity-based learning

Interactive games that make learning fun! Each game is associated to a key maths learning outcome that helps reinforce concepts taught in the classroom

A teacher standing in front of a computer screen

Blended Learning

Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy to implement blended learning in your classroom

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Holistic Approach

Our lesson plans and worksheets are designed by expert educators using concepts such as Bloom’s Taxonomy to improve retention of concepts

Speech bubbles with different languages inside them


Build regional language skills with content in English, Kannada and 8 other Indian languages

Ace Learners is a great learning program because it builds crucial literacy and numeracy skills.  This is much needed considering how students today may have skills that fall through and learning gaps. Whether you’re a homeschooler or a parent whose child goes to school, Ace readers and Ace maths modules are perfect to keep your young learners motivated and on track

Shweta Sharan, Education Journalist

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