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Students dressed in uniform jumping and cheering

Tailored to achieve academic goals and learning outcomes

A large digital platform filled with tools to assist teachers with creating engaging classrooms and building foundational language & maths skills in students from Grades 1 to 5.

Designed by

IIT & Harvard alumni

A sheet of paper with an A+ grade, a pen and a checkmark


  • Discover hundreds of stories, activities and videos that are mapped to key literacy and numeracy learning outcomes

  • Supplement textbook-learning to build solid foundations in your students

An open textbook

Develop strong
language skills

  • Read-along with voice narration to improve listening and comprehension skills

  • Highlighted words to emphasise learning outcomes

A calculator and geometry set

Build critical
numeracy skills

  • Bite-sized videos to contextualise learning

  • Fun games to make learning fun

  • Quizzes to assess competencies

A teacher climbing upstairs towards a flag


  • Expose your teachers to new forms of pedagogy to help them in their professional journey

  • Lesson Plans & Worksheets to assist with class preparation

  • Training and Workshops by experts

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