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July 13th & July 20th, 2024 | 5 to 6 PM | Online

Elevate Your Classroom: Unlock Math and SEL Teaching Strategies

A free online workshop to enhance your teaching abilities, and foster maths and socio-emotional learning skills in your students!

Join and get access 100+ free resources!

Registrations Closed.

Student talking to a student who is smiling

July 13, 2024 | 5 PM to 6 PM

Effective Ways to Promote Connection, Compassion, and Mindfulness in Classrooms for 21st-Century Learners

Shveta Kapur

Shveta Kapur is a Master Trainer and Educational Consultant with an experience of 20+ years in different pedagogical approaches across various educational boards in the country. Her professional qualifications include Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, School Leadership and Management. She is M.A. (English), B.Ed and CTET qualified. She loves to experiment and learn through experience. She has been a part of various workshops on ‘Design Thinking in classrooms’, ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Community Resilience Model, IB Category 1. Besides this, She has been a Cambridge English Examiner and loves to innovate with teaching pedagogies.

She believes in the power of the present moment and thrives on social connections. Her hobbies include reading, drawing and cooking. She believes in leading with empathy and compassion. Her motto is 'I become what I choose to be' .


  • To help educators promote well-being and holistic growth of students in their classroom


  • Explore the need and relevance of compassion and mindfulness in the present time

  • Learn tools and techniques to develop a culture of respect and love for learning

  • Cultivate wellbeing using simple daily practices for self

  • Empower students by helping them develop Social Emotional Competencies

July 20, 2024 | 5 PM to 6 PM

Creative Pathways to Conceptual Clarity in Math

Monica Kochar

Monica Kochar is a Mathe-magician! She has been instrumental in removing the trauma of math from students of all age groups in her two decade teaching career in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and the IB. As a teacher trainer, she has been empathic in her approach to teacher development as she worked with schools associated with Oxford University Press, Sri Aurobindo Society, Azim Premji Foundation and others. She has been a start-up mentor, helping the learning design formation for ‘marksharks’, ‘countingwell’, ‘whitehat junior (byju’s)’ and ‘convegenius’.


 She is equally comfortable in the corporate or development sector. She has been a published author and has her insights available online 4 . Her mission has been to make the math classroom a joyful learning experience! 


  • Inclusive ecosystem designed to engage students through thinking, feeling, movement, and connection with the subject

  • Empowers teachers to become designers of their classrooms

  • Utilizes a judicious blend of best practices


  • Engagement: Students are more actively involved in learning as they connect with the subject through 3 strategies (thinking, feeling, movement)

  • Professional Growth: Teachers develop a deeper understanding of effective pedagogies and gain confidence in their abilities to facilitate meaningful learning experiences

  • Efficiency: By leveraging proven strategies and methodologies, teachers can optimize instructional time and resources

  • Consistency: Establishing a framework of best practices promotes consistency in teaching quality across classrooms and subjects

  • Overall, the workshop contributes to creating a positive and effective learning environment where both students and teachers thrive, leading to improved educational outcomes and overall satisfaction with the learning process.

Terms and conditions:

  • The participants are expected to join the workshops 10 minutes early.

  • Participation will not be granted to late joiners.

  • After registering, you will get the link to attend the 2-day workshops. The same link can be used for both workshops.

  • Participants are requested to bring pens, diary, and any kind of colors and A4 sheets to the workshop.

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