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Ace Maths - Help


How do I browse the content library?

After you launch the app, you will be able to see different grades. Swipe right or left to find the appropriate grade and tap to select the grade of your choice. Within the grade, swipe left or right to see the topics within that grade. Tap to select the topic of interest, download the book and open it to see the videos, quizzes & activities. 


How can I subscribe?

You can select a piece of content, and on the displayed pop-up will be given an option to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. After selecting the option and making the payment, you will be able to access the full content library. Please ensure that you have disk space to download content. 


Where can I see my downloaded content?

On the home page, you will see a My Books tab. Click on that to view your purchased and downloaded content. 


What is Ace Maths?

Ace Math is part of our Ace Learners program where we aim to support schools in their journey to impart numeracy skills to primary school children, leveraging a low-cost, scalable digital platform. 


How do I access assignments?

If you are using Ace Maths as part of your school curriculum, you will see a notification symbol next to the Ace Maths icon on your screen. Please click on the “Ace Maths” icon which will take you to a page to see all the assignments your teacher has assigned to you. 


Whom do I contact for more queries?

Please email us at  for any queries.

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